Some things you need to know about Atheists

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Some things you need to know about Atheists Empty Some things you need to know about Atheists

Post by Isaac on 2008-06-12, 14:55

Hi Everyone!

For 3 years I've been answering questions from atheists regarding our Christian faith so I got some information about them. They are NOT dystheists, they who hate God. Being an atheist is not a choice or an act of will but is just the absense of theism, therefore, it is not a belief, religion, ideology, or philisophy; I would say that they are rather "innocent" to what theists believe.

"If atheism is just disbelief in gods, then there is no reason for
atheists to be critical of theism and religion.
If atheists are
critical, it means they are really anti-theists and anti-religious,
right? It's understandable why some might come to this conclusion, but
it represents a failure to appreciate the cultural trends in the West
which have led to the high correlation between atheism and things like
religious dissent, resistance to Christian hegemony, and freethought.

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