Origin & History of Roman Catholicism

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Origin & History of Roman Catholicism Empty Origin & History of Roman Catholicism

Post by KrisChan on 2008-05-29, 02:32

Being born in a dominantly Catholic country, this church from Rome was my very first dose of religious affiliation (which in fact, was done without my consent because that time I was only a babe and completely helpless). And as I grow up and being taught in schools administered by priests & nuns, I also learned so much about this denomination that it shove me into apathy towards its unfounded traditions and dogmas. I was only 14 then, until I became more aware of the various belief systems in this world and subsequently leaving Catholicism.

Now, despite all the information many people may have known and considered to be truthful regarding the origin & history of the Roman Catholic Church (including how it traces itself back to the first century Christians obtaining "authority" through "apostolic succession" and other blah-blahs) let me just point out and always bear this in mind that — "anyone's sheer claims are always questionable!"

Since I am no more associated to Romanism, and it's easy for anyone (devoted catholic) to consider me as a heretic and incapable to neutrally give such historical information about this church, I am holding back for now and letting the Catholics themselves provide these for all us. This is just my opening statement.

So tell me, what do you know about the origin and history of Roman Catholic?

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Origin & History of Roman Catholicism Empty Re: Origin & History of Roman Catholicism

Post by eaglefighter on 2008-06-10, 12:30

I think Emperor Constantine established it mixing Roman pagan religion and some Christian faith in order for Rome to have peaceful situation because pagans and Christians in Rome have religious vendetta in Rome.

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