Read me first (or else, the cat will die)

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Read me first (or else, the cat will die) Empty Read me first (or else, the cat will die)

Post by KrisChan on 2008-05-27, 19:26

Before you start a new thread or topic, please make sure you have read and understood well the General Rules & Guidelines. In additional, here's some more reminders...

  • Make the Subject or Topic Title as clear as possible.
  • You may compose it in a form of a question to incite a lively discussion.
  • If possible, make your tone "conversational" (as oppose to technical), avoiding unexplained jargons.
  • If you are referencing other's work or article posted somewhere else on the internet or a publication, credit your source properly.
  • When citing biblical verses, I suggest that we use the 'quotes' formatting so that it can easily be read.
    [quote]Book Chap:Verse (Translation) — [i]content[/i][/quote]
    Isaiah 34:16 (NASB) — Seek from the book of the LORD, and read: Not one of these will be missing; None will lack its mate. For His mouth has commanded, And His Spirit has gathered them.
  • You can start a topic relating to its history, when it all began, how did they come up with such a name for the group, who established what, what do they say about a particular doctrine (ex. trinity, Christ, forgiveness of sins, salvation, resurrection, end of the world, etc.) or anything worth discussing.
  • If you have particular criticism or contention, make sure you know very well about your subject and is confident enough to demonstrate your disapproval supported with basis (by logical reasoning, or anything more tangible).
  • Please present only facts or possibilities. Do not start unfounded suspicions or hearsays. The admins/moderators will not tolerate malicious topics.
  • When replying, you can use the Quick Reply Form below each post. Or better yet, edit your replies with clear subject titles instead of the generic "Re: [Original Subject]". Make all replies as relevant as possible to the given topic. If not, you can always start another thread for that matter.
Nonetheless, enjoy posting! Very Happy

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